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Spectulise build professional websites that grow and change with your business

We offer a range of website options to suit different needs and budgets - from simple one-page websites through to complex ecommerce solutions.

No two projects are the same, but generally they break into 3 categories:

All our websites are scaleable, optimised for search engines and responsive for viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

We've provided more information about the different approaches, sample costs and examples of our sites in action below.

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A site to suit your needs and budget

  • Static
    simple website
  • Templated
    content management
  • Bespoke
    content management
Static websites

Our static websites are hand built to suit your content.

For smaller sites, a 'one page' website can work well with all the content attractively displayed on a single page, linked with a traditional navigation to move between sections.

Slightly bigger sites can benefit from splitting content across multiple pages.

We'll take your content and lay it out in a format and structure that maximises its impact, suplementing with royalty free imagery where required. Each page is built individually and tailored to suit the content being presented.

CE Hardie
Static websites are ideal for:
  • Small websites
  • Content that doesn't change very often
  • Complex site layouts
  • Portfolio and service based websites
  • No content management - we would make any changes for you
  • Smaller sites can be graphically pleasing but with limited content won't necessarily perform as well in search engines

Static websites start from £450 including setting up the website structure, entering provided copy, and sourcing royalty free imagery where required.

The typical annual running cost for a static website is normally between £30-£60 per year including the domain name, website hosting and email accounts.

If you require changes to your site down the line, these are made at a cost of £45 per hour charged to the nearest 10 minutes.

You can see examples of our one page and multipage static websites below. To discuss your website, please contact us.

Templated content management websites

Our templated content management websites are an inexpensive and easy way to get online.

We set you up with a standard template, customised with your logo and colours ready for you to enter your content. Everything is edited using our in-house website management system - Conceptulise.

Once ready, the site is transfered live to its own domain name. The annual fee includes the domain name, hosting and support.

To get a feel for whether this solution is for you, we offer a free, no obligation trial.

Medway Advice website
Templated content managed websites are ideal for:
  • Owners that want to be able to edit their own content
  • Content that changes frequently
  • Clubs, societies, small businesses and charities
  • Low risk, easy to get started
  • Entering your own content won't get the benefit of a professional web designer to write copy, layout and optimise your site which could limit its performance in competitive environments
  • A templated site could be used as a stepping stone to a bespoke website
Functionality includes:
  • Calendars
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Photo galleries
  • Simple ecommerce
  • Private membership areas/customer portals

Templated content management websites start from £100 per year including the domain name, website hosting (500mb included as standard) content management system and ongoing support.

If you require any additional customisation or content population these will be charged as appropriate.

You can see examples of our templated CMS sites below. To find out more or to request a trial website please contact us.

Bespoke content managed websites

Our bespoke content managed websites are custom built to suit your needs.

We normally start with a face to face meeting where we can discuss your thoughts and ideas. This helps us to define the style and functionality required and produce a quotation for the work to be carried out.

Our design process then begins, producing sample concepts for the look and feel of your website. Once a design has been chosen we then move forward with handcoding your website, ready for content.

We'll assist with copywriting the text, laying out the content and supplying royality free imagery where required.

We'll also search engine optimise your content prior to the websites launch.

Our process involves you throughout and includes training so that you can edit and update your site as you wish going forward.

Maidstone Wind Symphony
Bespoke content managed websites are ideal for:
  • Business and organisation websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • A complete solution - we'll provide as much support as required including creating and populating your content
  • Owners who would like to be able to make changes to the content whenever needed

Bespoke content management websites start from £1450. Bespoke ecommerce content management websites start from £1850.

The standard annual renewal cost for a bespoke website is £100 per year including the domain name, website hosting (500mb included as standard) content management system and ongoing support.

Our content management sites allow you as the owner to add and alter content as required, but we can also do this for you ad hoc, charged at £45 per hour, charged to the nearest 10 minutes.

You can see examples of our bespoke CMS sites below. To discuss your website please contact us.

Our websites

We've provided a selection of our sites below as an example of the wide spectrum of projects that we have worked on - from static and templated sites through to complex bespoke websites.

For further examples, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

We've answered some of the questions often asked when setting up a website - to discuss your site and any specific questions, please contact us.

WordPress is a commonly used content management system. We don't have anything against WordPress but due to the bespoke, optimised nature of our sites, we oversee everything that goes into them.

For content managed websites we use our own in-house CMS system called Conceptulise.

We've developed this for over 15 years, keeping it up to date and adding new functionality overtime. Our sites only contain the 'bits' they need, making them fast and search engine friendly.

The content management is designed to be simple to use, with the functionality tailored in bespoke websites as required.

Advanced website users may be better suited to the flexibility of WordPress, but the majority of our users appreciate the intuitive WYSIWYG interface Conceptulise offers.

All our websites are handmade, and for this reason, like a piece of well crafted furniture, they take time.

Template sites are the quickest to setup. We will normally setup a template within 1-2 working days - ready for your content.

Static websites rely on the content being available to build the website. Normally once the content is available it takes 2-3 weeks to put things together.

Bespoke websites tend to follow our more detailed design process (see below for further details). It's possible to produce a bespoke site from first meeting to launch in 6-8 weeks assuming designs and content are agreed quickly, but realistically as there is a lot of consultation, it often takes longer.

Static and templates sites

For static and templated sites we will normally select a style which best fits your brand and the type of content your site will contain.

Any information you provide will help to influence this choice, but the template can also be changed as required.

Bespoke content managed websites

For bespoke websites we will normally meet you in person to discuss your website and get a good understanding of your brand and business.

This will allow us to give you a proposal for the work involved. We can also demonstrate how existing sites work and are edited.

Following agreement to proceed, we'll produce a series of design ideas based on your requirements, ideas and influences.

Often customers will combine ideas and features they like from different designs to create a final hybrid design. However, we'll also take your feedback and produce further iterations as necessary.

Once a design has been finalised and agreed we then proceed with producing your website and work with you to prepare it for launch.

Automation can help to improve workflow processes, administration and improve the experience for your customers.

In the past we have connected websites to warehouse stock control systems, estate agent property software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, availability calendars and more.

Integration is normally a feature of our bespoke websites due the customisation required. We'll discuss your integration with you to understand how it might work and whether it will be cost effective to implement.