Extended email storage

It's not normally cost effective to store email long-term on production webspace. For that reason we offer extended email storage plans on servers optimised for volume email storage.

The email specific space works in the same way as our normal hosting packages with a control panel. Unlimited email accounts and forwarders can be created - the only limitation is the overall storage quota. This can make it particularly cost effective over Exchange Server if you have multiple small-medium sized email accounts.

Extended email storage
Email storage features
  • Email specific control panel
  • Large scalable email space
  • Unlimited email addresses within your space allocation

Packages start at 5gb of space and can be increased up to 100gb as necessary.

Storage quota Cost per year
5gb £80
20gb £165
50gb £330
100gb £480

For more information or to move to extended email storage, please contact us.

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