Website maintenance

Keeping your site up-to-date

Launching a website is only the beginning. Regularly updating your site is good for prospective & existing customers as well as your search engine performance. Keeping the underlying technology current is also important for accessibility, security and ensuring your site keeps up with changes in technology.

Website content management

Client websites

Many of our customers keep their content up-to-date using the content management functionality in their website, but we also have the ability to assist in updating the websites we produce.

The software running behind our content managed websites is automatically maintained overtime, adding new functionality and protecting against security threats.

Third party websites

In some cases, we also look after sites that have been built by other companies. Depending on the technology used and complexity involved we may only be able to make content changes. This can sometimes solve an immediate problem - but considering a redevelopment can be more cost effective and protect against problems down the line.

We'll normally take a look at the site and advise on what we can do.

Joomla third party website

We charge £40 per hour for ad hoc changes made to your website, charged to the nearest 10 minutes.

If your site requires significant changes or new functionality we'll normally quote for these as appropriate.

We provide free telephone and email support for all our websites.

Frequently asked questions

The answer to this is often yes, but it depends on a number of factors including:

  • Can you get access to the site hosting and source code?
  • Do you have control of the domain name?
  • Do you own the rights to use the website and content?
  • Does the site involve content management or link to any other systems

It's common to not necessarily be able to answer all of these, so we will normally do as much as we can from our side and guide you through getting the information required. In many cases we've helped customers regain their domains and files.

Once we have access to your website we can assess how it is setup and the requirements to run it. We can then give an honest assessment of the support we can provide. Depending on the complexity of the website and technology used we may be able to host and update content but not maintain the underlying technology - although we may be able to put you in touch with a specialist for that particular system or suggest that you consider redeveloping the website.

Great! - styles change overtime and refreshing your website is good practice. Contact us and we can discuss a new look for your site and any other changes.