Increasing your website audience

Advertising campaigns can help to put your website in front of your target market and attract many more conversions than would happen organically. Known as PPC (Pay Per Click) you pay an agreed fee each time someone interacts with your advert.

We can guide you through the options and the types of campaign that you might want to consider based on your budget and business type. We'll work with you to put together adverts that appropriately represent your business and then track performance, making adjustments as necessary.

We've summarised some of the main campaign types below. To discuss your campaign, please contact us.

Search results

Show your adverts to people searching for your key terms in the major search engines. Boost your site for terms that are not covered by organic SEO.

Social media

Use the profiling power of social media to target people who may be interested, but not directly searching for your product, service or event.

Prospective leads

Target previous visitors to your site, reminding them about your product or service by serving adverts across the sites and social media channels they use.


Set parameters to display your advert to your target market. Accurately target geographic areas, socio economic groups, interest areas and more.


Set your budget, when and how frequently your adverts should be shown. Pause and resume adverts as required.


Monitor the effectiveness of each campaign with statistics, call logging and conversion information.

Frequently asked questions

The advertising cost depends on many factors including the industry, keyword competition, frequency of display, geographic location and how prominent you would like your advert to be.

Ultimately these are all governed by your budget. We will normally agree a budget - for example a daily or monthly spend limit.

We charge 15% commission on top of advertising fees to place and manage your advertising campaigns.