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Clubs and societies

Clubs and societies use the funcionality of our website management system in different ways to keep their members informed, attract new members and promote their activities. Some examples are below:

BEC Cycling Club - www.beccyclingclub.co.uk

BEC Cycling Club in South London use their website to keep in touch with members, promote events including their annual hill climb and post results.

Invicta Mountaineering Club - www.theimc.org.uk

Invicta Mountaineering Club use its website to provide information, news and photos to existing members as well as encouraging new members. Facebook and Twitter feeds link content from their social media pages.

Sevenoaks Music Club - www.sevenoaksmusicclub.org.uk

Sevenoaks Music Club promote their upcoming coming chamber music concerts online.

Chipstead FC - www.chipsteadfc.org.uk

Chipstead Football Club uses its website as an online archive of club resources as well as detailing matches, news and results. It also provides advertising opportunities for its sponsors.

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