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Environmental policy

As a business we have a responsibility to the community to ensure we act in an environmentally responsible way.

Web servers are power hungry machines and require a lot of associated cooling. Our data centre uses 100% certified renewable green energy. When choosing office equipment we look for energy saving solutions and ensure that office equipment powers down when not in use.

Paperless office

Printing and paper use is kept to a minimum. Invoices and design samples are sent out electronically by email unless requested otherwise.

All paper and card, including junk mail is recycled.

Christmas cards

Since Spectulise begain we have sent hand written Christmas cards to all of our customers which we have an address for. In-line with our environmental committment to work as paperlessly as possible, once our current stock of cards has been used we will not be sending any further cards. The money spent on cards will be instead be used on projects we are involved in, in the local community.


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