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Below are examples of some of our ecommerce customers.

Sites can be as simple or complex as necessary. All sites are customer managed using our content management system allowing owners to make updates whenever they need. As well as our standard functionality we offer options in stock control, product reviews, customer mailshots, related products, product stock and update notifications and much more!

Scamell Coaching - www.scamellcoaching.co.uk

Scamell Coaching offer canoe and kayak courses and trips on the river Medway in Kent. We provided branding and built a content managed website to promote and sell spaces for upcoming events.

Kent Canoes - www.kentcanoes.co.uk

Grant at Kent Canoes had been selling boats at their Kent based showroom since 1993. We developed an ecommerce website allowing the company for the first time to sell online as well as in the store. The website links live to the shops existing stock control system ensuring they only sell products sitting on the shelf ready for dispatch!

aladder.co.uk - www.aladder.co.uk

Rob, a keen sailer and kitesurfer, came to us looking to develop his loft ladder business online. We developed a site allowing customers to browse ladders and 'Like' them on Facebook.

Kiss Cakes - www.kiss-cakes.com

Lindsey, an entrepreneur from Manchester, came to us a number of years ago looking to improve the sales from her personalised cake website. Initially we search engine optimised the site, and following its success redeveloped the site and brand giving it a more professional feel and friendlier user experience. Customers can now personalise their cake by following the on-screen wizard creating a delicious cake which is then sent to a lucky recipient almost anywhere in the world.

Speedy Sports - www.speedysports.co.uk

Sailing and running enthusiasts Steve and Yvonne already had an established boat business when they decided to expand into selling chandlery online.

Using their sketches the 'Speedy Sports' characters were created and a surrounding website allowing them to sell boat and running accessories online.

Cygnus Sails - www.cygnus-sails.com

Richard was one of our first ecommerce customers. As well as being known for high quality sail repairs, Cygnus had a fantastic reputation as one of the best watersport and extreme sport specialists in the UK.

Using Cygnus's distinctive branding, Spectulise created a site allowing Richard to give advice and sell a wide range of watersport products and accessories online.

Despite being built in 2004 the site continues to take regular orders and Richard is one of the companies longest standing friends.

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