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Our story

The Spectulise story began back on a sunny January afternoon in 2004...

Founder, Simon Corrigan, had been working on websites under the guise of SC Web Design for almost 7 years. Whilst working for a FTSE 100 company it was clear there was a need for good consultancy companies to provide specialist skills, in particular search engine optimisation.

The decision was made to utilise the knowledge and experience already gained to form a new company offering a wide portfolio of digital marketing skills. Spectulise was born.


We're often asked where the name comes from or what it means.

The name itself was chosen whilst circling a roundabout in Manchester. Whilst there is no definitive meaning behind it, it embodies parts of other words such as 'specialist' and 'spectrum' linked into the complete service we offer.

Our brand

The Spectulise brand is built upon a long standing relationship with our customers. We don't actively advertise and instead rely on our clients telling others about the service they receive.

The original Spectulise logo featured a list of our core services and barcode spectrum of colours.

Our original logo served us well until 2009 when it was decided it was well overdue a revamp to reflect current trends and styles.

The future

We continue to grow, develop and strengthen our offerings and look forward to working with our customers long into the future.

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